We are shutting down our service. Last day of Sales is Dec 31st, 2023. The website and download server will be shut down on March 1st, 2024. 75%+ discount on all bulk packages. Ensure to download and backup all your bought packages!

What's being said

HHSmithy is by far the best poker hand history site on the internet. Their customer service and prices are drastically better than the competition." - Eric J

HHSmithy provide outstanding customer service. They are responsive and address issues promptly. I can highly recommend using their service."

- Barbara D

Simply put, I think HHsmithy is one of the grinders' crucial friends. We all know the usefulness of HHs, and HHSmithy is the perfect source - it's reliabe, the personal account is very easy to manage, subscribers can easily change sites within the subscription whenever they want, and the auto-downloader saves you the trouble of having to manually import and manage your HHs. You can just forget about it and play your poker."

- Daniel S

HH Smithy is far and away the best hand history provider. The value they offer is outstanding, combining great coverage with affordable package pricing. Additionally, the customer service is extremely responsive and helpful. HHSmithy stands alone in a crowded marketplace."

- Alex C

With HHSmithy, I get an unreal amount of data every day at a great price. I am now playing with almost 100% tracking on my opponents, making much better decisions and winning more money."

- Matt S

HHSmithy's customer service really sets the industry standard! I could go on and on about great pricing, coverage, and reliability, but what really sets this site apart from others is you just get the feeling these guys really care about their product. Over the years I have always received a quick response and exceptional treatment as a customer!"

- Kevin M

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