Free Hands

At hhSmithy we're quite a generous bunch. Every day, we update our website with a whole bunch of free hand histories.


PotLimitOmaha 2.50/5 HU Regular4/17/2019Download
PotLimitOmaha 0.10/0.25 HU Regular4/18/2019Download
PotLimitOmaha 5/10 HU Regular4/19/2019Download
NoLimitHoldem 2.50/5 6Max Regular4/20/2019Download


PotLimitOmaha 3/6 HU Regular7/8/2018Download
NoLimitHoldem 0.25/0.50 HU Regular4/17/2019Download
PotLimitOmaha 0.02/0.04 HU Regular4/18/2019Download
PotLimitOmaha 0.10/0.20 6Max Regular4/19/2019Download
PotLimitOmaha 0.10/0.20 HU Regular4/20/2019Download


NoLimitHoldem 0.02/0.05 Full PushFold4/17/2019Download
NoLimitOmaha 0.50/1 HU PushFold4/18/2019Download
FixedLimitHoldem 0.25/0.50 6Max PushFold4/19/2019Download
NoLimitHoldem 0.50/1 HU Regular4/20/2019Download


PotLimitOmahaHiLo 0.01/0.02 HU Regular4/17/2019Download
NoLimitHoldem 10/20 HU Regular4/18/2019Download
NoLimitHoldem 10/20 HU Regular4/19/2019Download
NoLimitHoldem 3/6 HU Cap4/20/2019Download