Why Our Subscription Model is Better than the Competition

Why Our Subscription Model is Better than the Competition

hhSmithy offers a subscription-based model that is far more cost-effective than the standard bulk hand history model that nearly all of our competitors use.

You’ve undoubtedly seen this promotional graphic on our home page:


Here are some other reasons why our model is the clear winner:

  • You get unlimited access to hand histories up to the level you select. For example: If you pick the Small Stakes package for 3 months, you get unlimited access up to and including $1-2 for a given game type.
  • Other sites restrict you to specific seat types – not hhSmithy! You could easily be paying three times as much to get coverage for six-max, full-ring, and heads-up hands from a bulk supplier.

One of our competitors offers 800,000 no-limit full-ring only hands of $0.50 – $1 for about $35. Our Small Stakes package costs as low as $29.24 and includes all seat types (six-max, full-ring, and heads-up) and throws in all hands for the month between $0.25 – $0.50 and $1 – $2. We’re talking about millions of hands here that are basically thrown in for free – and the monthly cost is less than the single bulk purchase of our competitor’s hands!

It’s a no brainer. Sign up today and get better coverage, cheaper rates, and better uptime than our competitors.

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