PTR Take Down & Poker Stars Datamining

PTR Take Down & Poker Stars Datamining

As you are all well aware of by this point, PokerTableRatings will no longer sell Poker Stars hand-histories. Our users our asking for our stance so here it is.

We firmly believe that the advantage hand-histories offer is fair and discuss this in detail in our ‘Ethical Datamining‘ blog post. There are many misconceptions on how we get these hand-histories, but in no-way to we ‘hack’ Poker Star’s servers. We simply observe and record the data.

Online poker will be a much more dangerous place without 3rd parties having the ability to observe hand-histories and we will continue to datamine until it is shown that what we are doing is illegal. If it is, then of course, we will comply with the law but for now we believe we are doing nothing wrong.

We will continue to improve our service, and work on our new series of services which will aim to increase online poker’s transparency and integrity.

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