Merge Hand Histories Added!

Merge Hand Histories Added!

hhSmithy is proud to announce we are the first poker datamining site to sell handhistories on the Merge network! We are offering 50% off to anyone who signs up to Merge through us.

Buy Merge Hand Histories

As we are the first people to datamine it getting handhistories and game selecting is going to be massive. I personally have used a few days data to game select and the games are great all the way through 5/10NL.

Merge Gaming Network includes the following skins:

For a detailed list of skins you can check it out here.

We support:

  • No Limit Hold’em
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Fixed Limit Hold’em.

Our handhistories have been tested and work great with Hold’em Manager.

You can sign up for Merge hands here or go to your account page and hit modify subscription to add Merge hands to it.

NOTE TO ALL USERS: Merge is removing rakeback as of June 1st 2011 but users who sign up before June 1st will recieve rakeback. We are offering a promotion where anyone who signs up to get rakeback to Carbon Poker through us will receive a 50% off Merge handhistories!

Good luck on the tables,


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