How to deal with a slow roll in poker

I was playing in this home game the other day. There were a few drunks guys at the game and one of them thought he was just the funniest person to ever live.

When you’re stone cold sober, trying to converse with a drunk person can be somewhat difficult and frustrating. Trying to play a nice game of poker with them can be much worse at times.


This guy got involved in a hand with me. On the river he bets and I call. I had top pair and thought I was good when he said he only had an Ace. As I’m scooping the pot, he flips over another Ace for a bigger pair.

He says……..

“And I have another Ace to go with it.”

This is a scenario in which anyone who plays poker long enough will encounter.

The true test to your character and poker mindset will be what happens next.

Do you…….

A: Shout obscenities?

B: Call him out for slow rolling and contest the pot since he only called Ace high?

C: Say nothing and act like it didn’t happen?

D: Just say nice hand and take his money later?

I have to be honest and say that I wanted to punch this dude in the face. But he was bigger than me and I’m not the best fighter in the world.

However, regardless of how big the guy is, or how much of a jerk they are, the right play is to calmly say nice hand and move on.

In a real casino, contesting the pot since they only called Ace high would be a suitable option for the record.

A person, who slow rolls, is in my opinion – the worse kind of person. They not only show lack of poker etiquette, they show their true personality. They show us they have no respect and need to use douchebag tactics to try and win. They show us they aren’t very good at the game and this is why we can calmly say nice hand and wait to take their money later.

Here’s a few do’s and don’ts for the next time you get slow rolled.

Do…….Politely say nice hand

Don’t……..Ever let this get to you and let it affect your game.

This is the worst possible thing you can do. And worse of all, it’s what they want to happen by slow rolling.

Do…….Take comfort in the fact that you will take their money later.

Don’t…….Berate, call them names or act out in anyway.

Its most certainly ok to let them know what they did was wrong. But in general, you should say nothing at all.

The most important part of all this is to understand that this player will get what’s coming to them. Karma is a bugger and it works in mysterious ways. And slow rolling is one of the worse things you can possibly do in poker (and in life, as far as I’m concerned!).

The next time you get slow rolled, simply sit back, relax, get up from the table, and do whatever it takes to keep yourself calm and on your game. Don’t ever let them get to you. And remember, a slow roller is a bad poker player that will eventually give you their money.

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a slow rollers money.

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